Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) M-Series Resonant Device

Moog’s advanced Magnetic-Series resonant devices are the perfect solution for structural resonance suppression and vibration control applications, and they are especially suited for precision micro-vibration applications. By replacing traditional elastomeric and fluidic damping technology with highly reliable rare earth magnetics, improved temperature range performance and a field-tunable damper coefficient has been achieved. The M-Series also facilitates rapid natural frequency adjustment, allowing the end-user to easily modify the device’s resonant frequency response. 



  • Highly efficient moving mass to parasitic mass ratio
  • Tunable resonant frequency via mechanical adjustment
  • Tunable damping ratio via a trimmer on devices
  • Convertible to an active reaction mass actuator (RMA) which can be useful for:

            – Structural dynamics testing with minimal mass loading

            – Active vibration damping or cancellation systems


  • Precision micro-vibration
  • Optical instruments
  • Machine tools
  • Product testing
  • Semiconductor fabrication equipment
  • Electron microscopes
  • Directed energy systems

Hardware Specifications*

Specification  Units M05 M1  M1 
Moving Effective Weight Lbs (Kg) 0.50 (0.23 1.05 (0.48 2.10 (0.95)
Total Device Weight Lbs (Kg) 0.62 (0.28) 1.37 (0.62) 2.55 (1.16)
Construction - Primarily constructed of various metals. Treated to enhance durability and corrosion resistance.
Operating Temperature1 Up to 80° C (176° F)


Mechanical Dimensions (See ICD For Further Details)

Specification  Units M05 M1  M1 
O.D Inch (mm) 1.99 (48.3) 2.69 (68.3) 3.32 (84.3)
Stroke ±2 Inch (mm) 0.09 (2.3) 0.13 (3.3)  0.19 (4.8)
Mounted Height Inch (mm) 1.73 (43.9) 2.15 (54.6) 2.81 (71.4)
Thread Depth Inch (mm) 0.22 (5.6) 0.35 (8.9)  0.30 (7.6)
Mounting Thread - #10-32 1/4”-20 3/8”-16


Electrical Specifications (RMA Use)

Specification  Units M05 M1  M1 
Coil Resistance ohms 5.6 6.0 7.2
Coil Inductance mH 0.7 1.3 1.7

1Wider temperature range versions available upon request.

2Stroke represents the maximum allowable mechanical stroke designed into the unit. Operating at high frequency and/or high vibration magnitudes can cause over stress of internal elements and may result in damage to the device. Consult with Moog for detailed information about stroke limitations.

M-Series resonant device Configurations

Configuration Application Description
Tunable Voice Coil Damper TMD/TVA The most popular and versatile configuration is an M-series device equipped with a tunable voice coil damper. Applications requiring a TMD or TVA (tuned vibration absorber) will benefit from the tunability of both frequency and damping of this passive device. 
Active Voice Coil RMA This configuration can generally achieve the highest levels of vibration attenuation and give the user power to implement active damping.
Fixed Damper TMD/TVA  This configuration can provide the highest damping levels and is well suited for high frequency applications which require large amounts of energy dissipation from a passive solution.

The M-series resonant devices are available in the above 3 basic configurations in addition to custom offerings. All configurations are available in three different device sizes (M05,M1,M2) with a variety of frequency tuning ranges.

Performance Specifications

  Units M05 M1  M1 
Frequency: Operational Range3 Hz 9-200
Frequency: Tunable Range4 Multiple tuning ranges available. 1X:2.5X Hz ranges 
Damping: Tunable Range4 %Zeta See “FREQUENCY VS DAMPING RATIO”
Damping: Max (no adjust %Zeta  See “FREQUENCY VS DAMPING RATIO”
Damping Temperature Dependence Approximately 0.4% damping constant per degree C. Damping decreases as temperature rises. Further temperature sensitivity may be observed at temperature extremes.


Performance As a Reaction Mass Actuator

Specification Units M05 M1  M2
Force Constant lbf/amp (N/amp) 1.7 (7.6) 2.9 (12.9) 4.6 (20.5)

3Operational range may vary per application, environment and damping requirements. Consult Moog for further information.

4Consult Moog drawing # MTMD-900 for natural frequency and damper tuning procedure details.