Electronics & Electromagnetics

We have an in-house capability to design, assemble, test, and integrate electronic subsystems to support the control of physical systems.





Moog CSA has an in-house capability to design, assemble, test, and integrate electronic subsystems to support the control of physical systems. We provide a range of electronics system solutions from standard designs to custom products, all of which enable rapid integration of control systems.  We work with a select group of vendors who provide advanced fabrication and design capabilities. In combination with expertise in advanced transducers and devices and digital control systems, Moog CSA's electronic systems capabilities allow total integration of active control solutions.


Moog CSA provides design, modeling and engineering analysis in support of a wide range of electromagnetic applications such as:

  • Maglev system
  • Electromagnetic actuators
  • Electrically programmable tuned mass dampers (TMDs)
  • Active vibration control
  • Isolation systems
  • Fast Steering Mirrors

Electronics Service

Sensor Signal Conditioning

Moog CSA has experience developing low-noise signal conditioning for several types of vibration, motion and acoustic sensors. A partial list of transducer conditioning examples include: custom piezoelectric wafer load cells, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) strain sensors, electret microphones, ICP-style accelerometers and load cells, and thermal sensors.

Power Amplification

We develop custom power electronics for a wide range of actuators. We have experience designing high voltage linear amplifiers for electromagnetic and piezoelectric actuators. We have also developed pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifiers for driving inductive loads including electromagnetic actuators, magnetostrictives, and capacitive loads including piezoelectrics.


Our electrical design capabilities include complete analog, digital and mixed signal modeling and hardware development. Beyond analytical and closed form models, Matlab and Multisim are used to perform numerical system analyses. Our well stocked laboratory allows rapid breadboarding of prototype designs for refinement before moving the final hardware. We use PowerLogic and PowerPCB for development of PCB layout artwork. A network of vendors allows rapid turnaround of completed custom and standard boards.


Recent microcontroller projects include motor control, active vibration damping, active vibration cancellation and health/status monitoring. We have also developed a standard microcontroller-based embedded control component that allows rapid integration of control systems without the requirement of additional hardware development.