TMD Products

Standard TMDs and TVAs

Although most of the TMDs and TVAs built by Moog CSA are custom units, we do offer devices that are designed to address some of the most common vibration situations. They have suspension frequencies of 50-250 Hz and moving mass of approximately 0.5, 1, and 2 pounds. Adjustment of the resonant frequency can be done at Moog CSA or in some cases by the customer. All of the TMD models are available without damping for use as TVAs.

Custom TMDs and TVAs

In most applications Moog CSA delivers custom tuned devices which depart from the standard products in several ways:

  • Smaller and larger units are available, with moving masses from grams to hundreds of kg.
  • A wide range of resonant frequencies, from below 1 Hz to over 1000 Hz, is possible.
  • Devices can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the constraints of the application.
  • Mechanical mounting can be tailored to an application.

The practical design challenge for TMDs generally involves the part of the unit that dissipates mechanical energy into heat. Moog CSA has designed TMDs with dashpots based on a number of technologies, including viscoelastic, magnetic, viscous and piezoelectric.  For even greater performance, or for applications requiring vibration reduction at multiple frequencies, an active vibration suppression system based on our SA series actuators may be appropriate.

*Not Available For Export