Tuned Dampers / Absorbers

Tuned mass dampers, or TMDs, are resonant devices used to suppress or absorb vibration.  When installed properly on a machine or structure, they draw away vibrational energy from the structure or machine and dissipate it internally, reducing the motion of the machine.

Tuned vibration absorbers, or TVAs, are undamped absorbers.  TVAs and TMDs are modular devices composed of a spring, mass and for TMDs, a damper. These three components can be implemented in a number of ways.

As solutions to vibration problems, TVAs and TMDs have a number of attractive features:

  • They are inherently compact, modular devices that can have a simple interface to the base structure.
  • They can be added readily to a base structure that is already designed or even built.
  • Added weight can be kept to a minimum.
  • The tuned device does not impact the static strength or stiffness of the base structure.
  • It is often possible to characterize the base structure by inexpensive test or analysis.

Moog can provide non-fluidic, magnetic rotary dampers for both aerospace and industrial applications.  In addition, we have support engineers available to help with application and integration for new or existing designs.

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