Shock Testing Overview

Shock testing replicates events to determine if structures can withstand sudden applied forces.  Shocks are characterized by their short duration and sudden occurrence.

We regularly provide services to toughen structures against shock events. Moog CSA can often predict the attenuation provided by design improvements before any hardware demonstration, saving money and time in the design cycle.

Examples of common applications are:

  • Satellite and spacecraft components
  • Launch vehicle avionics or other components
  • Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests-
  • Missile components
  • Armored vehicle components
  • Consumer and industrial electronics
  • Mechanical components such as valves, enclosures and actuators

We provide end-to-end shock testing services complete with NIST traceable calibrated instrumentation and data reporting.

The shock test system is also used for a variety of other tasks including shock transmission testing on isolators and damping material research. We regularly test shock isolators to prove their durability and demonstrate isolation performance at high levels. One research application involves examining the stress and strain behavior of structural or damping materials at high strain.