SA Series Actuators Overview

Moog CSA's SA series actuators produce vibration in a controlled, precise manner. Their primary uses are in active vibration cancellation, active damping and dynamic testing. These actuators deliver force at a mounting point by reacting against a mass internal to the device housing. The SA family employs a highly-efficient magnetic circuit to deliver high force output per electrical input. Typical bandwidth is 20-1000 Hz and input impedance is 2-20 Ohms. Force outputs range from one to 35 lb (4.5 - 155 N) with much higher output over narrow frequency ranges. We offer each of the SA actuators with optional mounting configurations and various electronic drive options.

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Technical Highlights

  • 10-lbf output, 20-1000 Hz SA10
  • 1-lbf output, 20-1000 Hz SA1
  • Alternate output force levels SA-x
  • Customized versions of SA-x SA-xvn