Satellite Rideshare

Moog CSA enables small satellite rideshare via mechanical satellite adapters and carriers, standard custom physical geometries, multi-payload sequencers and integration services.  Building from experience with ESPA we offer the following systems.


CASPAR, the Composite Adapter for Shared Payload Rides, is a Multi-Payload Adapter (MPA) developed by Moog CSA with whole-spacecraft vibration isolation for the Minotaur IV Launch Vehicle. CASPAR accommodates two 1500-lb satellites, or up to four ESPA-class satellites when used with one or two Flat-Plate Adapters.

Flat-Plate Adapter

Flat-Plate Adapter, or FPA, supported NASA's GRAIL mission and the Delta II launch. FPA is compatible with ESPA or CASPAR, and it mounts two ESPA-class satellites side by side. FPA is available with Moog CSA's SoftRide isolation and it can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller spacecraft.


ESPA SUM, the ESPA 6U Mount, mounts a pair of 3U CubeSats or a single 6U CubeSat on an ESPA port. The CubeSats are tertiary payloads that share the port with a secondary satellite and deploy after secondary separation. One 6U or two 3Us can be deployed from each port. Up to six SUMs can be included on an ESPA Mission. Moog CSA can provide a variety of CubeSat dispenser hardware and integration services which are fully compatible with our ESPA ring.


Moog has teamed with TriSept to offer FANTM-RiDE, a containerized small satellite rideshare system that uses mass tuning and other features to decouple the rideshare from the primary launch vehicle provider. FANTM-RiDE is compatible with multiple vehicles and adapters including ESPA.