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7 degree of freedom (DOF) system with 6 DOF of high frequency motion and 1 DOF of large stroke rotational motion to replicate the roll and vibration environment on a commercial aircraft.

Moog CSA has designed and delivered a large number of custom and semi-custom hexapods for a wide range of payload sizes and application requirements.  We are experienced with many types of actuation allowing us to leverage previously developed technology to meet unique customer needs at a reasonable cost.

We also build octopods for specific applications, which use eight struts or legs. Sometimes the mechanical design of the complete system, and the particular geometry and loading environment, dictate that an octopod rather than a hexapod be used for an application. Most often, an octopod becomes more appropriate when the payload or object being supported is more rectangular than circular in shape. For payloads mounted in an aircraft or other vehicle, an octopod provides advantages for dealing with high-g loads.

Reduced degree of freedom systems have been built by Moog CSA as well.  This can lower hardware costs and system complexity when motion is only required in two or three axes.  Occasionally, higher (greater than six) degree of freedom systems are needed.  Redundant degrees of freedom may be used if both low frequency, large range motions and high frequency, short range motions are required.

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