Engineering Services Overview

Moog CSA Engineering's approach to solving problems in vibration and precision motion control requires an experienced, skilled, and creative technical staff capable of meeting the industry's toughest challenges. These skills allow us to deliver a wide range of turn-key engineering services.

Our unique multi-disciplinary approach combines analysis, design, integration, and testing. Electronics, control, and software engineering expertise allows us to attack the most challenging problems. Our space flight development experience leads to successful solutions to problems characterized by difficult environments and challenging requirements.

Whether it's basic or applied R&D, new product development, or a tough engineering problem that needs to be solved quickly, our engineering services can help.

Moog CSA has provided engineering services on a wide variety of projects including:

  • Structual analysis and design, control system development, and
    embedded software for a magnetically levitated train
  • Analysis, design, and prototype fabrication for alternative energy
    generation concepts
  • R&D program investigating advanced electric actuators for space-flight
  • Mechanical design and prototype production for unique defense ground
    vehicle applications
  • Systems integration of Moog's entire motion control product line
  • Air bearings design and rebuild

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