Space Overview

Moog CSA offers product and service capabilities to solve the most demanding vibration and motion control problems for aerospace and commercial applications. Over the past 25 years, Moog CSA has assisted commercial and military aerospace customers to provide:

  • Satellite payload and vibration isolation systems
  • Ground-based test systems
  • Hexapods for space and missile systems
  • Tuned mass dampers for vibration control
  • SoftRide spacecraft isolation systems
  • Shock test services
  • Spacecraft jitter simulation
  • Satellite transport shipping containers

Providing Ground Test, Launch Assistance, and On-Orbit Support

Moog CSA supports all areas of a spacecraft’s lifetime, from ground test to launch assistance to on-orbit support. We emphasize vibration and shock management without compromising other systems requirements, supplying:

  • Structures and payload interfaces which directs attention to on-orbit functionality rather than launch survival
  • Adapters which enable multiple payloads and function as the core of satellites and orbital transfer vehicles
  • Instrument and chassis-level shock and vibration isolation systems to protect components during launch and reduce on-orbit jitter

Applications Built for the Future Constellation

Moog CSA rigorously applies established methods and develops new ones when none exist. Our products are not limited by conventional constraints, which is why we contribute key technologies to NASA constellation programs and Operationally Responsive Space, including:

  • Atlas V and Delta IV payload adapters
  • Hubble solar array vibration dampers
  • Taurus, Minotaur and Pegasus launch load alleviation
  • LCROSS lunar mission
  • GLAST/Fermi vibration dampers
  • Delta II and Delta IV launch load alleviation

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LADEE Integrated Satellite Transport System

Moog CSA provided the integrated satellite transport system for the NASA Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE).