Scientific Overview

Moog CSA provides unparalleled motion control expertise in the design, analysis, manufacture, and testing of a variety of scientific equipment. Isolation from vibration, shock, and noise can be a paramount concern in the lab or in the field. We have the technology and skill to remove disturbances from your system during the design process or after an existing structure exhibits limitations due to vibrations.

Moog CSA provides design services in a broad range of scientific applications:

  • Optical Benches
  • Telescopes
  • Harsh Environments Optical Mount
  • Fast Steering Mirrors
  • Test Equipment

Precision Positioners for Large Optical Systems

Our experience with dynamic system modeling and composite structures makes us uniquely suited to help you analyze and develop your optical system needs. Moog CSA’s precision positioners for large optical systems are used in space, industrial, and directed energy applications. Based on our hexapod motion platforms, these comprehensive product offerings incorporate mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, firmware and software elements to provide turnkey systems to meet your needs.

Test System Solutions

Large test systems often follow stringent vibration isolation and/or motion control requirements. Moog CSA designs and builds complete optical benches according to custom requirements.  We also supply test systems including custom motion simulators utilizing our hexapod product line. Our test equipment can be made compatible within atmospheric as well as thermal-vacuum environments.

If precision motion control or vibration isolation are mitigating factors in your design, Moog CSA is here to help you achieve success, whatever your application.

Related Scientific Products

Our Harsh Environments Optical Mount can provide the necessary jitter control to meet your line-of-sight performance requirements when working in a harsh environment such as those for weapons, reconnaissance systems, and vehicle-mounted components.

Similarly, our expertise in the development of Fast Steering Mirrors can help you meet your precision pointing requirements.

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