Defense Overview

Moog CSA meets the challenges of the global defense market.  We apply innovative engineering and technology in order to provide you with cutting-edge solutions.  Whether it’s providing vibration control for a military ground vehicle, or supplying a hexapod for precise pointing of weapons, Moog CSA is there to support your defense needs.

Military Ground Vehicles

Moog CSA provides shock and vibration isolation solutions for both crew comfort and safety.  Additionally, our services can improve the lifespan and performance of the vehicle and its instruments. Your on-board subsystems will benefit from our unparalleled expertise in multi-physics modeling and control algorithm validation coupled with our product offerings in fine pointing and stabilization.  As the required technology continually changes in the war-fighting landscape, Moog CSA remains poised to meet the military’s demanding vehicle requirements.

Precision Defense System Solutions

Moog CSA provides a line of semi-customizable hexapods for applications such as six-axis vibration control, precise positioning of weapons, optical assemblies used in directed energy applications, and antenna pointing. Additionally, these hexapods provide customized platforms for use in performance and environmental testing. We deliver the complete systems, including actuation, sensing, electronics, real-time control and the user interface. These turn-key products enable the highest level of excellence in your precision defense system.

Directed Energy

Moog CSA offers complete directed energy solutions utilizing our expertise in actuation, control electronics, software, jitter control, vibration isolation, dynamic design and analysis, and modeling and simulation.  We have the experience and technical expertise to provide you with complete solutions for:

  • Beam Pointing, Stabilization and Control Mechanisms
  • Optics Positioning
  • Test and Integration
  • Active and Passive Vibration Isolation
  • Jitter Control
  • Platform and Optical System Stabilization
  • Coarse and Fine Pointing Solutions

Directed Energy Motion Control Solutions

Building upon our years of experience supporting the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB), Moog CSA can now integrate high precision motion control subsystems for directed energy applications.

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