Test Facilities Products

Satellite Support Platforms

The process of satellite assembly, integration and test is exacting and requires considerable care. Moog CSA's satellite support platforms make these necessary steps easier by providing mechanical mounting and decoupling from your facility and its sources of mechanical disturbance. Platforms incorporate vibration isolation and are compatible within atmospheric and thermal-vacuum environments. They allow handling within your facilities while protecting your satellite or major subsystem from harm.

Gravity Offload / Low Frequency Suspension

Gravity affects structures differently on orbit but those structures must be integrated and validated on the ground. A compliant deployable appendage may be mass-optimized for in-space performance but unable to support its own weight on Earth. Moog CSA’s gravity offload systems provide low frequency suspension with modes as low as 0.1 Hz, enabling you to test and validate space structures. With no sag, the suspension allows testing of fixed structures and additional features support structures with moving and deploying appendages.

Flight Motion Simulators

Flight testing of spacecraft and missiles is rarely practical or affordable. Moog CSA offers products that extend the fidelity of hardware-in-the-loop testing, incorporating more realistic aspects of flight including high frequency structural response. With six degree of freedom motion bases, you can evaluate image motion compensation algorithms and position test articles relative to other verification equipment. Embedded systems and a user interface provide multiple options for control and coordination with your other ground test systems.

Static Test for Launch Vehicle Structures

New launch vehicles, small satellites and evolving structural concepts drive the need for more sophisticated testing and qualification before flight. Moog CSA operates a facility under a cooperative research and development agreement with the Air Force that allows us to test a variety of payload and interstage structures, fairings and interface cones. Developed initially to qualify the ESPA ring, this facility has been adapted to test multiple composite and metal structures. It allows for application of multi-axis loads to simulate launch and includes extensive data acquisition. Custom fixtures augment the basic system for specialized tests.

Large Vibration-Isolated Bench

When a major aerospace company began to develop a new vacuum test facility for large space optics, Moog CSA was trusted with providing vibration isolation. Moog CSA delivered an optical bench that is over 25 meters long and supported by a soft isolation system. With suspension modes in the range of 1 to 2 Hz, the 250-ton bench is mechanically decoupled from the rest of the facility including pumps and other machinery, enabling a high fidelity representation of the space environment. Moog CSA’s product also provides a software monitoring system and load leveling to accommodate moving payloads on the bench.

Precise Positioners for Large Optics

Space telescopes and other large optical systems require validation and verification before launch, and Moog CSA provides precision positioning systems to support that ground test. These systems are based on our hexapod motion platforms with resolution measured in micrometers or smaller. In vacuum chamber operation, the systems allow software-controlled alignment of test optics and flight components to prove assembly and performance of subsystems and complete assemblies. Our comprehensive product offerings incorporate mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, firmware and software elements to provide turnkey systems.