SoftRide Products

Moog CSA's SoftRide standard products are engineered to each combination of launch vehicle and payload to ensure optimal performance while remaining compatible with attitude control systems.  We manufacture and test SoftRide components and install systems jointly with customers. SoftRide can be customized for nearly any launch vehicle, creating significantly reduced launch environments and ultimately allowing more of the mass of satellites to support on-orbit functions rather than launch survival.

SoftRide Uniflex

A uniaxial flexure system that is designed for vibration and shock isolation for the spacecraft.

SoftRide Omniflex

A flexure system that provides vibration and shock isolation for the spacecraft in multiple axes.

SoftRide ShockRing

A highly damped flexure system designed for shock isolation for the spacecraft. This system is ideal for reducing axial and lateral shock loads.

Component Isolation

We apply vibration isolation where a quiet component is isolated from the rest of the system. Examples include individual satellite instruments or components.

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