Systems Integration

We at Moog CSA focus on understanding all aspects of a systems integration challenge by taking a very detail-oriented approach. We rely on these strengths in implementing any of our vibration isolation, precision motion or SoftRide systems. Some examples include:

  • Mechanical, electrical and magnetic modeling
  • Dynamic and control system simulation
  • Total quality approach to design, procurement, assembly, testing and delivery

We Rely on Expertise and Experience

We save our customers time and money by using a fast-paced but thorough approach to providing systems integration solutions. We offer unmatched experience in actuator selection, sensor selection, power electronics, material selection, system testing and more. We believe in maintaining a very intimate approach, so our customers will always interact with the engineers directly.  Some of our past projects include:

  • Active vibration reduction of a launch vehicle
  • Six degree of freedom electro-pneumatic vibration isolation system
  • Six degree of freedom high speed motion simulators
  • Piezoelectric hydraulic pump for UAV flight control surface actuation
  • Motion simulation system for spacecraft components

By using our standard processes and tools for developing designs and/or systems matched to particular requirements, Moog CSA applies the appropriate technology for your program.

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