Shock, Vibration & Other Products

Moog CSA sells complete design services to solve shock and vibration conditions.  We provide designed solutions for needs ranging from clean systems in space applications to industrial machinery on offshore platforms. Our background with attenuation methods and systems design generates simple and effective solutions.  Our experience is unparalleled in both active and passive attenuation.

Shock and Vibration Isolation

Moog CSA regularly isolates spacecraft from launch vehicles.  We design from heritage systems and use novel methods where appropriate. Simulations identify environments experienced by sensitive components and stresses on isolators early in the design process, avoiding iterations in hardware, and addressing design challenges quickly.  Verification tests can often reduce uncertainties before the bulk of hardware is manufactured.  Exceptionally clean materials and processes protect optics and other contamination-vulnerable hardware.  AS 9100 certification assures that design and fabrication methods meet standards required for flight critical systems.

Vibration Dampers

Some applications benefit most from a vibration damper alone.  The scope of our abilities in vibration damping offers customers the widest practical selection of solutions.  Examples of dampers designed by Moog CSA are:

  • Solar array mounts to the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Tuned mass absorbers for thrust oscillation on Ares 1 vehicle
  • Particle damper
  • Cryogenic temperature dampers
  • Viscoelastic elements
  • Viscous oil dampers

We can perform predictions to indicate performance improvements offered by each solution above.

Engineering Services

Our experienced, skilled, and creative technical staff is capable of meeting the industry's toughest challenges. These skills allow us to deliver a wide range of turn-key engineering services.

Whole-Spacecraft Vibration Isolation

Our SoftRide vibration isolation systems protect whole satellites from the rough ride into orbit. SoftRide also provides some shock isolation and reduces transmission of energy that drives acoustic loading.