Precision Motion Products

Precision motion applications, which include vibration isolation, motion simulation and payload position control, are exceedingly diverse and cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all approach.  Moog CSA can meet your wide range of design requirements from standard to high performance solutions. Our experienced engineering staff can design cost-effective products to meet your performance goals.

Our commitment to our customers does not end when the product ships out the door.  We continue to provide services including on-site installation and training, test support, troubleshooting, and product upgrades. We pride ourselves on developing long term partnerships with customers who continually rely on Moog CSA when precision motion applications arise.

Solutions for Nearly Any Precision Motion Challenge

Whether the application calls for accurate pointing, high-speed motion simulation, or vibration isolation, Moog CSA has standard and custom solutions to meet your requirements. Learn more about the following precision motion products:

  • Precision pointing hexapods for optics and cameras
  • Motion simulation hexapods for high speed trajectory tracking
  • Vibration isolation hexapods for small and large payloads
  • Vibration isolation and motion control octopods for rectangular payloads and high-g loads
  • Airborne stabilization / vibration isolation system for optical or electro-optical systems
  • Jitter reduction for optical mounts

Flexibility is Our Specialty

Do you need a precision motion product for use inside a vacuum chamber? Does your application involve a cryogenic environment? Whether your payload is 1kg or 1000kg, our engineers have the flexibility and expertise to handle all types of unique requirements. We build upon years of experience with custom applications to deliver exactly what our customers need. We also design custom graphical user interfaces to make our products even easier to use.

Decades of Experience

For more than a decade, Moog CSA has built a worldwide reputation for precision motion by:

  • Developing standard products that meet the needs for a variety of applications.
  • Refining our standard products to match demanding customer specifications.
  • Producing highly engineered products for the most demanding applications.