The design team at Moog CSA is recognized for excellence in providing highly engineered products and services in vibration control, motion control, and dynamically optimized structures.  We have a proven ability to prevent failures, enhance reliability, and improve performance in your application. Additionally, we dynamically optimize structures that enable, complement, or support vibration and motion solutions.  Our engineers have the agility and responsiveness in order to support your product development needs.

Integration between Design and Analysis

Tight integration between design and analysis allows us to produce lightweight parts designed for both strength and stiffness with confidence in performance whether the objective is vibration control, precision motion, or a test. Our finite element analysts work closely with mechanical design engineers to craft devices and components that meet requirements in creative and innovative ways.


In-house manufacturing and integration at Moog CSA is supported by an established network of fabrication companies. We have longstanding relationships with several machine shops that are capable of producing parts to the quality we demand. Our engineers work closely with these suppliers to design parts compatible with machine tool capabilities. Because we work with smaller shops, we can support quick turnaround and rapid prototyping.

Hardware Development

Moog CSA develops hardware for space flight and other critical applications, and we have a quality control system in place to ensure that design, analysis, manufacturing and handling are consistent with customer requirements. We are experienced in the design of aerospace components using a variety of metals, elastomers, and other materials.

Unique Experience

At Moog CSA, mechanical design often overlaps with related disciplines. We design actuator components that incorporate electromagnetic, pneumatic and hydraulic elements. We also select materials and design details to optimize thermal properties and provide precise structures for hot or cold environments. Finally, design of vibration damping and isolation components requires another set of skills for high performance assemblies that combine stiff and compliant materials. We have unique experience in all of these areas.

Our Design Team

Our design team can work as an extension of our customer’s engineering process and organization in order to build engineer-to-engineer relationships, execute work effectively, and at highly compressed schedules. We can also leverage Moog’s manufacturing capacity, capabilities, and technologies to increase competitiveness. Solutions start with an understanding of the requirement and then consider the following:

  • Use existing off-the-shelf solutions
  • Adapt proven solutions
  • Develop a custom product


Mechanical Design Experience

  • Dampers
  • Isolators
  • Struts
  • Actuators
  • Adapters
  • Integrated systems
  • Fittings
  • Test fixturing
  • Assemblies

Moog Careers

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