Management Team

Rainer N. Growitz

Business Manager

Mr. Growitz has twenty plus years of financial leadership and experience partnering with general managers, division VPs and CEOs to improve operating performance, financial processes, and accounting controls in the aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries. Mr. Growitz serves as Moog CSA’s business manager, and directs the accounting, human resources, contract administration and information technology functions. Prior to joining Moog CSA, Mr. Growitz served as Vice President of Finance for WJ Communications where he was responsible for developing business models and long-term financial and strategic planning models. Mr. Growitz has held a variety of management positions at WJ Communications including responsibilities for contract negotiations, business planning, financial forecasting, and preparation of FAR compliant proposals for wide array of government customers.

Mr. Growitz received his B.S. in Accounting from San Jose State University.

Mark E. Mimovich

Albuquerque Site Manager

Mark Mimovich manages business operations, several large contracts, marketing/business development, and engineering technical leads.  In addition,  Mr. Mimovich performs the roles of program manager and/or lead engineer for programs with advanced structural modeling and analysis, composite materials, opto-mechanical or precision optical structures/devices, fracture mechanics and fatigue crack growth life limited reliability, control-structure interaction, and integrated test-analysis verification / validation content.  In his previous position at ATK Composites formerly Composite Optics, Inc., Mr. Mimovich managed the engineering analysis group which supported Precision Instrument Structures, Reflectors, Antennas, and Spacecraft Structures business units.  As a technical manager, Mr. Mimovich has directed or been involved in the development of highly accurate inertial reference units, high bandwidth-large aperture fast steering mirrors, harsh environment optical mounts, optical jitter and wave-front control for various opto-mechanical acquisition, tracking, and pointing systems, and design and implementation of advanced carbon fiber composite material systems for various applications.

Mr. Mimovich received his M.S. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Mexico.

Christian A. Smith

Mountain View Site Manager

Dr. Smith manages operations in Mountain View and is the Director of Quality Assurance for all of Moog CSA.  He leads several efforts in the areas of systems engineering, vibration isolation and jitter reduction in directed energy systems. In his role as site manager, he oversees the engineering, operations and quality departments. As quality manager, he is responsible for the oversight of Moog CSA's AS9100 registered QA system.  He actively contributes to business development and marketing efforts. Dr. Smith has been an employee of CSA since 1993.

As a technical manager, Dr. Smith has lead developments to the delivery of ground based precision motion control systems, airborne stabilization systems, and aircraft diagnostic health and monitoring systems. As an engineer, he has designed eddy current dampers for a variety of space and terrestrial based applications. These dampers have been integrated into vibration isolation systems for sensitive Space Shuttle payloads, tuned mass dampers for large solar arrays, as well as in a prototype MRI machine suffering from vibration-induced image degradation. He has designed various electromagnetic and electro-pneumatic devices for active structural control including voice coil actuators, proof mass actuators, and stepper motors. Dr. Smith has also worked in image stabilization for airborne cameras.

Dr. Smith received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern California and his Sc.B. in Applied Mathematics from Brown University.

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